Event Program

Below you will find our Program of Events. Please feel free to also download a printable PDF version here: Program of Event GSC 2015

Sixth Biennial International Graduate Student Conference

Department of French, Hispanic and Italian Studies (FHIS)


Thea’s Lounge, Thea Koerner House


(Re) Telling: Adaptation, Translation, Transformation

Event Program

Friday October 23, 2015

Time Event
9h30-10h00 Registration, check-in, coffee and breakfast
10h00-10h15 Welcome and opening remarks, sponsor acknowledgments.
10h15-11h30 Panel 1
Hispanic studies: Relecturas, reescrituras y re-vistas de la literatura argentina.

Chair: Dr. Rita De Grandis

Andrés Camilo Torres Estrada: « Borges, relecturas críticas de la historia ». (Universidad de los Andes, Colombia)

Fabricio Tocco: « Reescrituras del detective privado desde la narrativa argentina contemporánea: las novelas policiales de Claudia Piñeiro ». (UBC, FHIS)

Tyson Eschelle: « The last revista re-vista? Screenification of a Popular Theatrical Format in Estrellas de Buenos Aires ». (University of Texas, Austin)

11h30-11h45 Coffee break
11h45-1h Panel 2
French studies: Réécrire au Moyen-Age, Réécrire le Moyen-Age.

Chair: Dr. Juliet O’Brien

Gabriel Cholette : « Homme de guerre ou homme de Dieu ? Variantes idéologiques dans les manuscrits du Roman de Robert le Diable ». (McGill University)

Raphaëlle Décloître : « Réécrire la Chastelaine de Vergy pour désamorcer la légende tristanienne. Étude d’une mise en prose de la fin du XVe siècle ». (Université Laval)

Inès Palaz : « Du roman médiéval au roman des Lumières : la réécriture du Chevalier au lion dans la Bibliothèque universelle des romans ». (McGill University)

1h-2h00 Lunch break
2h00-3h45 Panel 3
Hispanic studies: Transformaciones en América latina.

Chair: Dr. Jon Beasley-Murray

Camillo Castillo-Rojo: « Vista desde una acera: autoficción como proceso de creación ». (UBC, FHIS)

Upasana Thakkar: « Contemporary Narratives of Central America – Are they Parodying Testimonio as a Genre? ». (UBC, FHIS)

Axel Perez Trujillo: «The Rewriting of Border Cartographies: Gloria Anzaldúa’s Geobiography of the Borderlands ». (University of Alberta)

Karuna Warrier: « The Unreachable Truth: The Controversial Re-Telling and Reconstruction of Events in Guillermo Cabrera Infante’s Tres Tristes Tigres ». (McGill University)

3h45-4h00 Break
4h00-5h30 Keynote lecture: Dr. Barbara Havercroft (University of Toronto)
“Narrating Wounds: Trauma and Transformation in Contemporary Women’s Autobiographical Texts”

The subject of my lecture is situated at the junction of two major areas in contemporary theory and representational practices: the rise of autobiography and its subgenres (memoirs, confessions, autofictions, diaries, etc.) as a significant field of inquiry unto itself, and the rapid development of interdisciplinary trauma studies over the past twenty years. I shall begin by discussing some of the principal issues in trauma theory before turning to an analysis of two recent French texts dealing with personal trauma: Annie Ernaux and Marc Marie’s L’usage de la photo (2005) (The Use of the Photo), which recounts Ernaux’s courageous battle with breast cancer, and Christine Angot’s L’inceste (1999) (Incest), with some brief references to American writer Kathryn Harrison’s incest memoir The Kiss (1995). My focus in examining these texts will be on the aesthetics, poetics, and ethics of narrating gender-inflected trauma, particularly on the discursive means used to express the “unspeakable”. “Transformation” and “adaptation” will not be considered in the literal sense of a transfer from one medium to another, as in the adaptation of a novel to the cinema, but in the broader sense of rendering an ineffable experience in words, using various literary devices and techniques, an arduous process which may result in the transformation (healing) of the wounded narrator.

Saturday October 24, 2015

Time Event
9h00-9h30 Coffee, breakfast
9h30-10h45 Panel 4
French studies: Réécriture et traduction dans la littérature française.

Chair: Dr. Sima Godfrey

Han Fei: « La traduction par Baudelaire d’Edgar Poe: une histoire extraordinaire ». (UBC, FHIS)

Natalie Benson: « Le Voyage d’Urien: The Femme Fatale in Double ». (University of Iowa)

Malek Garci: « Pierre Benoit, le mythe et sa réécriture. Retour sur une pratique de l’adaptation littéraire ». (Université de Concordia).

10h45-11h Break
11h-12h15 Panel 5
Hispanic studies: Reescrituras en la literatura y cine española.

Chair: Dr. Raúl Álvarez-Moreno

Olga Albarran Caselles: « Escritura y maternidad ». (UBC, FHIS)

Gianluca Oluić: « Bandos de Castilla​ de R​amón López Soler: una novela ecléctica del siglo XIX ». (UBC, FHIS)

Raya Polyak: « La construcción de la españolidad en dos obras cervantinas ». (UBC, FHIS)

12h15-1h15 Lunch
1h15-2h30 Panel 6
French studies: (Re) lecture et (ré) interprétation.

Chair: Dr. Farid Laroussi

Emilia Halton-Hernandez: « The Scene of Reading in Proust’ Swann’s Way and On Reading ». (UBC, English Department)

Chanel Blouin: « Reinterpreting Involuntary Memory- Walter Benjamin’s Interpretation of Proust in The Arcades ». (UBC, Art History)

Heather Woolley: « Modern Acheiropoieta: The Medieval Cult of the Veronica Veil in the Age of the Jacquard Loom ». (UBC, Art History)

2h30-3h45 Panel 7
World art, literature and cinema: (Re) Tellings.

Chair: Dr. Alessandra Santos

Kyla Drzazgowski: « Transforming an Italian Plague Tale:  Boccaccio’s the Decameron as Paratactic Analogue to Chaucer’s the Canterbury Tales ». (UBC, English Department)

Jennifer Nagtegaal: « Old Age: A Liminal Space? A Study of Ignacio Ferreras’ Wrinkles (Spanish: Arrugas, 2011)». (UBC, FHIS)

Jason Wright: « From The Odyssey to ODY-C, a Retelling of a Classic Work in Comics ». (Purdue University).

3h45-3h50 Closing remarks
4h00-5h00 Museum of Anthropology (MOA) tour.